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Step 2: Writing a Learning Plan




How to Write a Learning Plan

The second step in the CPD process is the development of a learning plan. This allows you to organise and prioritise your professional development activities and learning needs. The learning plan should allow for a manageable spread of activities over the year.

Your learning plan should outline strategies of how you aim to address the gaps in your knowledge and should include target dates and potential CPD activities. Make sure you write a learning plan that is realistic and well prioritised.

Include Learning Goals

A learning plan can also include learning goals. A learning goal is a broad statement about what you aim to accomplish throughout the year. A goal will often have many specific learning needs, but provides a more general outline of knowledge, understanding or achievements you identify as being important to your own development.


In summary, your learning plan should include:

  1. prioritised learning needs
  2. overview of your learning goals
  3. proposed strategies on how you intend to meet these needs and goals





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