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Step 3: Finding and Completing Activities




What is a CPD Activity?

A learning activity has been described as an interaction between the learner and an educational activity that results in a change in the learner's knowledge, skills, attitudes or abilities (ANMC, 2009).

A learning activity includes and expands beyond attending conference or reading a journal article. Ideally the activities you engage in should be directly relevant to your professional practice. Effective CPD activities are also those in which learning is more likely to lead to a change in practice.




Examples of CPD Activities

CPD can occur in any setting, not just a classroom. It can be formal learning such as a postgraduate course that leads to an award, or an opportunistic unscheduled event from your experience that includes reflection on your practice. Examples of CPD include (but are not limited to):

  • Attending a CPD seminar or workshop
  • Attending a conference
  • Watching a video learning activity online
  • Listening to nursing lectures
  • Online CPD for nurses or midwives in general
  • Writing or reviewing educational materials, nursing articles, journal articles, books
  • Completing a self-directed learning package
  • Presenting at an inservice, workshop or developing educational tools
  • Undertaking postgraduate course units which are of relevance to your context of practice
  • Acting as a preceptor, mentor or tutor
  • Reflecting on feedback, keeping a practice journal
  • Participating in clinical audits, critical incident monitoring, case reviews or clinical meetings
  • Participating in a professional reading and discussion group
  • Developing policy, protocols and guidelines
  • Working with a mentor to improve practice
  • Conducting or contributing to research



How to choose CPD Activities

Selecting Learning Activities

Choose a CPD activity that will be effective and relevant to the learning needs you have identified and your goals. Try to select the opportunities that will benefit you and your practice and suit your learning style.

How to Check if a CPD Activity is Relevant

Each time you choose a CPD activity try and ensure that you can answer one of the following questions positively.

  1. Does it align with a pre-identified learning need?
  2. Does it relate to your current context of practice?
  3. If it doesn't match your current context of practice, will it assist you in preparing for future roles or responsibilities?



Can I Claim Self-Education Expenses as a Tax Deduction?

According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website, you may be able to claim a deduction for self-education expenses if your study is work-related. Due to the nature of CPD, most if not all CPD should be tax-deductible. For further information please visit the self-education expenses section of the ATO website.



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