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What is a Nursing Lecture?

Q: What are your Nursing Lectures, and how do they differ from your other content?

A: Nursing Lectures are generally 20 to 60 minute live recordings or podcasts. They are taken from Ausmed events, or are sometimes filmed at the Ausmed Head Office. Nursing Lectures come in video or audio-only format.



Do I get a certificate for a Nursing Lecture?

Q: I've completed watching a Nursing Lecture. Can I get a certificate for this?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to offer certificates for Nursing Lectures for a few reasons. The main reason is that unlike with Video Learning Activities, we are unable to monitor whether or not you have watched or listened to a Nursing Lecture in its entirety.

Never fear though; you can still add a Nursing Lecture to your CPD Organiser, which along with your evaluation (if done correctly) is adequate documentation that you have completed this learning. While certificates are nice to have for your own documentation, they are not a necessary component of documenting your CPD.



What is the review process for Nursing Lectures?

Q: How do I know that the content online is accurate and up-to-date? 

A: Nursing Lectures generally don't stay online longer than three years. If they do remain online, they are reviewed for their accuracy and relevancy by a Registered Nurse or by the original presenter.



How can I submit a suggestion for education?

Q: I have an idea for a Nursing Lecture. Where can I submit it?

A: To submit an idea for a Nursing Lecture, please send us an email, for the attention of the 'Education Department'.



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